We’re OBSESSED With Lara Spencer’s Cooking Show ‘Farmer’s Market Flip’

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You know we love a Farmer’s Market, ya’ll — and it’s not solely because of the fresh food, friendly faces, and lively atmosphere (though that certainly helps), but also the ridiculous amount of possibilities you can conjure up on a plate!

Let’s face it, there are loads of clean, fresh ingredients at your local farmer’s market. If we were to feast our bellies on any sort of cooking competition, it’s this one.

Thankfully, Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer shares our sentiment.

Lara is the executive producer of Farmer’s Market Flip, a new cooking competition that takes place at a farmer’s market, pitting two teams of chefs in a race to see who can create the most crowd-pleasing — and money-making — dish in only 20 minutes.

Now that’s a delicious idea!

During GMA’s five minute segment, FMF’s host Jeff Mahn schooled contestants and guests on how to cook a delicious meal in only a few minutes. Watch the video above to see which team ended up taking home the cash prize!

This show is going to be AMAZING.

Farmer’s Market Flips premiered tonight on The Cooking Channel.

Check your local listings!