Big Win for Michael Jackson’s Estate — Judge Dismisses Case With Ex-Biz Partners

FameflyNet Pictures

A judge ruled against a claim from Michael Jackson’s former business parters who said the late King of Pop promised them shares of his company back in 2006.

MJ’s former publicists Raymond Bain and Quadree al-Amin (ex-manager for Boyz II Men) said that Michael made this promise in a hotel room in Tokyo during a a time when he felt the music business turned its back on him. The promise was a reward for their supposed loyalty.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, however, there was no written agreement. So on Monday, a Los Angeles judge said their story lacked credibility — not to mention they were too late. The party filed its claim in 2014, five years after Michael died.

The judge argued if they really did strike this deal, why not try and get it while he was still alive?

At the end of the day, common sense was too vibrant for this case of assumed promises.