Sarah Jessica Parker

Jun, 21st 2018 celebs

Sarah Jessica Parker And Rev. Al Sharpton Disagree On How To Tip

It’s a funny world when two rich people are arguing how to tip — but it’s the world we live… Read More

May, 2nd 2018 celebs

Sarah Jessica Parker Bought A Fan A Cosmo

For all you Sex and the City fans, you know Carrie’s favorite drink is a Cosmopolitan. Apparently, while dining at… Read More

Apr, 29th 2018 celebs

Sarah Jessica Parker Is Being Sued By Jewelry Company

Apparently, a jewelry company says the marketing of its new Sarah Jessica Parker collection was a complete “Failure to Launch,”… Read More

Apr, 24th 2018 celebs

Sarah Jessica Parker Is A Wedding Dress Designer Now!

It’s a perfect fit, really! Sarah Jessica Parker has gotten into the bridal game, launching her first collection of 10… Read More

Mar, 29th 2018 celebs

Sarah Jessica Parker Shares Her Thoughts On Cynthia Nixon’s Run For Governor

Sarah Jessica Parker broke her silence about Cynthia Nixon’s recent bid for New York governor, telling Page Six, “Cynthia has… Read More

Feb, 15th 2018 celebs

Sarah Jessica Parker Remembers Crying After Being Pressured Into a Nude Scene

Sarah Jessica Parker reflected in an interview with People magazine about a time when she was younger, and filmmakers pressured… Read More

Feb, 12th 2018 celebs

Molly Shannon Says Sarah Jessica Parker Is ‘Kind’ For Kim Cattrall Comments

A post shared by Antoine DeBrill (@debrillantoine) on Feb 8, 2018 at 5:35pm PST Some sh*t went down among Kim… Read More

Feb, 12th 2018 celebs

Kim Cattrall Says To Sarah Jessica Parker, ‘You Are Not My Friend’

Kim Cattrall is so over talking about Sarah Jessica Parker, and she’s taking their feud to Instagram. “My Mom asked… Read More

Jan, 10th 2018 celebs

It’s Over: Sarah Jessica Parker Officially Nixes ‘Sex and the City 3’

 Sex and the City 3 has been needed and wanted by fans for several years, but now its star… Read More

Oct, 13th 2017 celebs

You Gotta Hear What Sarah Jessica Parker Requires From Her Staff

Comedian and former cohost on The View, Michelle Collins, read aloud a few emails Sarah Jessica Parker sent to a… Read More