Ryan Seacrest

Jan, 7th 2019 celebs

Ryan Seacrest Wore A Time’s Up Bracelet At The Golden Globes

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Olodo Nation (@olodonation) on Jan 6, 2019 at 4:20pm PST Ryan… Read More

May, 16th 2018 celebs

Were Ryan Seacrest’s Comments To Katy Perry On ‘American Idol’ Creepy?

On Sunday night, things got a bit awkward when Ryan Seacrest made weird comments to Katy Perry during a commercial… Read More

Mar, 5th 2018 celebs

Taraji’s Remark About Karma Was NOT Geared Towards Ryan Seacrest

On the red carpet yesterday, Taraji P. Henson stopped by Ryan Seacrest’s station and chatted about her friend Mary J…. Read More

Mar, 1st 2018 celebs

E! Is In Oscars Crisis Mode After Ryan Seacrest Allegations

After Variety reported the story of a woman accusing Ryan Seacrest of sexual harassment, E! apparently had crisis meetings over… Read More

Feb, 27th 2018 celebs

Ryan Seacrest Responds To Sexual Harassment Claims

After Variety published an article detailing Suzie Hardy’s (who worked as Ryan Seacrest’s personal stylist) claims that the E! star… Read More

Feb, 27th 2018 celebs

Details About Ryan Seacrest’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct Comes Out

Details about Ryan Seacrest’s accuser, Suzie Hardy, has come out in a November letter from her attorney — which has now… Read More

Dec, 28th 2017 celebs

JetBlue Lands Ahead Of Schedule, Thanks To Ryan Seacrest

JetBlue was kind enough to land ahead of schedule thanks to a competition winner who was on board named Katie… Read More

Nov, 18th 2017 celebs

E! Is Investigating A Sexual Misconduct Claim Against Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has been accused of sexual misconduct after a former stylist spoke up about an incident that happened a… Read More

Oct, 5th 2017 celebs

Kelly Ripa Has Demanded For Ryan Seacrest To Cancel His ‘GMA’ Appearance

Traumatized much? Kelly Ripa is seemingly continuing the long-held Michael Strahan curse, but this time she’s channeling it towards Ryan… Read More

Jul, 20th 2017 celebs

Ryan Seacrest is Officially the Host of ABC’s ‘American Idol’ Reboot

As if you’re surprised… The beloved host is coming back to hose the show that made him a household name,… Read More