Robert Downey Jr.

Jan, 12th 2018 celebs

Hugh Grant Claims Robert Downey Jr. Hated Him — Now Robert Responds

Hugh Grant recently claimed in an interview that Robert Downey Jr. hated him when they worked together on 1995’s Restoration:… Read More

Jul, 4th 2017 celebs

Robert Downey Jr.’s Time As ‘Iron Man’ May Be Limited

Robert Downey Jr. might soon call it quits on the red armored suit. The actor, who has played Iron Man… Read More

Mar, 29th 2017 movies

NERD ALERT: Are There Too Many Spoilers in the “Spider-Man Homecoming” Trailer?

Fans are spinning mad at the second trailer for the newest addition to the Avengers franchise. Tom Holland takes his turn to… Read More

Mar, 20th 2017 movies

Robert Downey Jr. to Star as ‘Dr. Dolittle’

Nothing is ever (and we mean, ever) going to top Eddie Murphy’s version of Dr. Dolittle, the classic character who… Read More

Mar, 17th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Robert Downey Jr. Wears A Green Unitard LOL

Robert Downey Jr. just melted our hearts and made us laugh at the same time. On St. Patrick’s Day, he… Read More

Jan, 18th 2017 celebs

Robert Downey Jr. and Wife Enjoy Dinner Out on the Town

Longtime Hollywood couple Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan, were spotted as they arrived for dinner at hotspot Palm… Read More