Jan, 8th 2018 celebs

Oprah’s Boyfriend Confirms She Would ‘Absolutely’ Run For President

A post shared by Closer Weekly (@closerweekly) on Aug 15, 2017 at 8:50am PDT Seth Meyers used reverse psychology to… Read More

Jun, 28th 2017 news

Donald Trump Interrupted a Call With Irish Leader to Flirt With a Reporter, Hmmm

Video of the bizarre moment when President @realDonaldTrump called me over during his call with Taoiseach @campaignforLeo Varadkar. @rtenews… Read More

May, 18th 2017 celebs

Robin Wright Compares Trump to ‘House of Cards’

A post shared by Safa Ibrahim (@safalbrahim) on May 18, 2017 at 1:11pm PDT You’re not the only one who… Read More

May, 17th 2017 news

Barack Obama Called Donald Trump a ‘Bullsh-ter’

Barack Obama hasn’t expressed his opinions about Donald Trump as publicly as others have, but even he has a breaking… Read More

Apr, 24th 2017 lifestyle

President Obama Spoke & America Immediately Became Nostalgic

It is clear that America misses President Obama, and wants him back more than ever. Obama made his first public… Read More