Nico Tortorella

Nov, 14th 2017 celebs

Nico Tortorella’s Polyamorous Relationship Isn’t Meshing Well With Friends & Family

After Nico Tortorella revealed he was in a polyamorous relationship last year with girlfriend Bethany Meyers (who identifies as a… Read More

Jul, 5th 2017 celebs

Nico Tortorella Opens Up About His Bisexuality And Polyamorous Relationship

A post shared by nicotortorella (@nicotortorella) on Jul 3, 2017 at 6:13am PDT Polyamorous relationships are definitely not a new… Read More

Dec, 26th 2016 celebs

Nico Tortorella on Being Sexually Fluid

Nico Tortorella came out as sexually “fluid,” or demisexual (meaning love before sex, always), in Page Six earlier this year…. Read More

Nov, 29th 2016 celebs

Nico Tortorella Comes Out as…

Hunky Younger Actor Nico Tortorella has always considered himself “sexually fluid, ” but in a recent interview with Vulture this… Read More