Meghan Markle

Dec, 8th 2017 celebs

This Is How Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Stay In Touch — It’s SO CUTE!

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Dec, 7th 2017 celebs

Meghan Markle Breaks Royal Tradition By Spending Christmas With The Queen

Meghan Markle has been breaking royal protocol for a while — but that’s a good thing! Another rule she’s breaking… Read More

Nov, 30th 2017 celebs

Meghan Markle Once Failed A Trivia Game About British Royalty — LOVE THIS!

Before she was destined for royalty, Meghan Markles was an actress and once was quizzed about British quirks and facts… Read More

Nov, 29th 2017 celebs

Prince Harry Says Meghan Markle & Princess Diana Would Have Loved Each Other

A post shared by @ladyrwa on Nov 28, 2017 at 1:42pm PST Prince Harry’s new fiancee and his late mother… Read More

Nov, 29th 2017 celebs

Meghan Markle Leaving ‘Suits’ After Prince Harry Engagement

When you’re going to be a Duchess, you don’t really have time to be on a hit TV show like… Read More

Nov, 28th 2017 celebs

Prince Harry Says He Knew Meghan Markle Was ‘The One’ From The Beginning

After announcing their engagement, Prince Harry revealed that he knew Meghan Markle was “the one” from the very first moment… Read More

Nov, 28th 2017 celebs

Here’s Why American Meghan Markle Will Never Be a Princess

Even though Meghan Markle will never officially be a princess, we’re still in awe that she’s pretty damn royal. Currently,… Read More

Nov, 28th 2017 celebs

Ellen DeGeneres Told Meghan Markle To Adopt Her First Dog (And She Did!)

Meghan Markle is a huge dog lover, and she has two rescue pups: Bogart and Guy. Turns out, it was… Read More

Nov, 28th 2017 celebs

WATCH: Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Goofing Off Behind the Scenes

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, it was a whole lot of firsts. The main one being… Read More

Nov, 27th 2017 celebs

You Guys, Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring Is… OMG!

A post shared by The Wedding Pic® (@theweddingpic) on Nov 27, 2017 at 6:24am PST Meghan Markle is officially going… Read More