Meghan Markle

Aug, 13th 2019 celebs

Scammers Are Claiming That Meghan Markle Is Using Weight Loss Supplements

Meghan Markle has plenty of scammers out there who are trying to profit from her fitness routine, post-baby. In the Duchess’s… Read More

Aug, 7th 2019 celebs

Why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Only Follow 15 Instagram Accounts

While it might look like the royal couple are being snobby in their choice of followers, it’s actually quite the… Read More

Aug, 5th 2019 celebs

All The British Royals Came Out To Wish Meghan Markle A Happy Birthday

Prince Harry just gave a shot out to his beautiful wife Meghan Markle for her 38th birthday. “‘Happy Birthday to my… Read More

Aug, 2nd 2019 celebs

Meghan Markle Shares Her Favorite Poem, And It Has An F-Bomb! LOL

Meghan Markle is a royal, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t throw an F-bomb every once in a while. As… Read More

Jul, 31st 2019 celebs

Meghan Markle Is Starting A Fashion Line That Will Benefit Charity

We’re SO excited that Meghan Markle is turning into a fashion designer — for a good cause. Recently, the Duchess of Sussex… Read More

Jul, 30th 2019 celebs

Meghan Markle Had Specific Instructions As Guest Editor Of British Vogue

Meghan Markle took her role as guest editor for British Vogue very seriously. As she should! Reportedly, she had a heavy… Read More

Jul, 29th 2019 celebs

Meghan Markle Guest Edited British Vogue, And It’s EVERYTHING

The Duchess of Sussex was the guest editor of the 2019 September issue of British Vogue called “Forces for Change” making… Read More

Jul, 19th 2019 celebs

Meghan Markle Is Struggling With Her Newfound Spotlight

Meghan Markle might be accustomed to the spotlight, but her new life as a Duchess is a whole new experience. And… Read More

Jul, 18th 2019 celebs

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Are One Of ‘Time’ Mag’s Most Influential People on the Internet

Time magazine released its fifth annual roundup of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet, and of course the Duke and… Read More

Jul, 8th 2019 celebs

OMG! Is Meghan Markle Adopting A Rescue Dog For Archie?

According to reports, Meghan Markle wants to adopt a rescue dog for her baby son Archie! She and Prince Harry toured… Read More