Matthew McConaughey

Jul, 30th 2020 celebs

Matthew McConaughey is Releasing His First Memoir ‘Greenlights’

Matthew McConaughey is coming out with a memoir! The Oscar-winning actor announced the news on social media yesterday, explaining that Greenlights… Read More

Apr, 7th 2020 celebs

Aw! Matthew McConaughey Does Virtual Bingo at Texas Retirement Center

You can take the man out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of Matthew McConaughey! The Oscar winner… Read More

Nov, 5th 2019 celebs

Matthew McConaughey Joins Instagram, And Now We’re Thirsty AF!

Matthew McConaughey was clearly inspired by Jennifer Aniston joining Instagram because he decided to join her! On his 50th birthday,… Read More

Jan, 21st 2019 celebs

Matthew McConaughey Hurt His Back… In A Bed Injury

Matthew McConaughey spoke to People magazine about a mysterious ailment he and his wife have been debating for a while. … Read More

Nov, 6th 2018 celebs

Matthew McConaughey Auditioned For Leo’s Role in Titanic

Could you imagine if Matthew McConaughey played Jack Dawson in Titanic, the role made super famous by Leonardo DiCaprio? Apparently,… Read More

Sep, 13th 2018 celebs

Matthew McConaughey Once Saved His Baby Son From a Charging Mountain Ram

It’s official. Matthew McConaughey is a superhero. On an episode of The Tonight Show, the actor revealed that he saved… Read More

Mar, 27th 2018 celebs

WATCH: Matthew McConaughey’s Passionate March For Our Lives Speech

Matthew McConaughey gave an impassioned speech this weekend while marching at the March for Our Lives protest in Austin, Texas…. Read More

Jul, 10th 2017 movies

WATCH: New Action-Packed Trailer For ‘The Dark Tower’

The countdown is on for the release of The Dark Tower, and the newest trailer will get you psyched up… Read More

May, 3rd 2017 movies

WATCH: First Trailer For Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’

The trailer for The Dark Tower has just been released! This is the first official look at the highly anticipated theatrical… Read More

Feb, 2nd 2017 celebs

Matthew McConaughey Thinks Hollywood Should Embrace Trump

Matthew McConaughey went on BBC’s “The Andrew Marr Show” on Sunday to promote his new film, Gold, but like every… Read More