Sep, 20th 2017 celebs

Liam Hemsworth Shows Support for Same Sex Marriage in Australia

Australians are voting on same sex marriage in Australia, and multiple celebrities are coming out urging people to vote in… Read More

Jul, 27th 2017 celebs

Matt Bomer Said He ‘Pretended to Be Straight In Order to Survive’

Shoutout to all those marching today. Be safe. Be proud. Love you all. #resistmarch #resistmarchla #pride #lapride A post shared… Read More

Jul, 27th 2017 celebs

James Corden Sings ‘L-O-V-E’ in Support of Transgender Troops

All the late night hosts came on Donald Trump for his hateful comments on transgender troops, saying he won’t allow… Read More

Jul, 23rd 2017 movies

Would You Watch a Movie About a Sexy Beach Rat on the Down Low?

It looks like toxic masculinity and down low dudes are cinema’s latest meal ticket — not that I’m complaining! Director… Read More

Jul, 13th 2017 celebs

James Woods Is NOT Backing Down From His Transphobic Tweet

As we reported earlier, actor James Woods basically compared transgender people to murderers after posting an adorable photo of a… Read More

Jul, 6th 2017 celebs

Critics Snap at Andrew Garfield For Saying He’s a ‘Gay Man’ But Without the Sex

A post shared by Montserrat Pérez Alderete (@monstserrat001) on Jul 5, 2017 at 10:12pm PDT Andrew Garfield is getting some… Read More

Jun, 30th 2017 lifestyle

JAY-Z’s Mom Comes Out as a Lesbian, Congrats Momma!

A post shared by aprokonaiija (@officialaprokonaiija) on Jun 30, 2017 at 4:26am PDT JAY-Z’s mom, Gloria Carter, came out as… Read More

Jun, 26th 2017 celebs

Ian McKellen Is Full of Pride & He Knows It! #LOVE

A post shared by Getty Images Entertainment (@gettyentertainment) on Jun 25, 2017 at 1:15pm PDT Pride Month has been outstanding… Read More

Jun, 18th 2017 celebs

How Brittany Snow Helped Me Come Out to my Mother

By: David Artavia I was never the type of person to do things simple growing up. Personally, I found it… Read More

May, 18th 2017 news

Woman Goes on Homophobic Rant After ABC Cancels ‘Last Man Standing’

Everyone seems to be pretty upset that networks have canceled some of their favorite shows, but one particular woman took… Read More