Kim Kardashian

Jul, 10th 2018 celebs

North West Stars In Her First Fashion Campaign — At 5 Years Old

North West might already be on her way to superstardom after taking part in her first fashion campaign for Fendi…. Read More

Jul, 5th 2018 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Kim Kardashian Tries Wakeboarding For The First Time

Kim Kardashian decided to film herself at water sports during the Fourth of July. “This is way harder than it… Read More

Jun, 28th 2018 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Kim Kardashian Forces Tristan Thompson To Unblock Her On Insta

Kim Kardashian wanted record of Tristan Thompson unblocking her on Instagram, so the reality star took out her phone and… Read More

Jun, 20th 2018 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Kim Kardashian Catches North Face Painting With Eyeshadow

Kim Kardashian caught North West face painting with her new line of eyeshadow — from the $45 KKW x Mario palette… Read More

Jun, 18th 2018 celebs

Kim Kardashian Is On A Mission To Free A Death Row Inmate

After advocating to free Tennessee grandmother Alice Marie Johnson and winning, Kim Kardashian is now on another case. Kim tweeted… Read More

Jun, 7th 2018 celebs

Kim Kardashian Will Finally Meet The Grandmother She Helped Free From Prison

Kim Kardashian has been working hard to help a Tennessee grandmother, Alice Marie Johnson, to be free from prison for… Read More

May, 30th 2018 celebs

Kim Kardashian Is Going To The White House To Discuss Prison Reform

Reality star Kim Kardashian is planning a visit to the White House to meet with former reality star Donald Trump… Read More

May, 29th 2018 celebs

Kim Kardashian on Defending Kanye West: ‘I Will Always Ride for My Man’

Kim Kardashian is standing by her man Kanye West, even though he’s continuing to be somewhat erratic on Twitter, feuding… Read More

May, 25th 2018 celebs

Kim Kardashian Dyed Her Hair Blonde

Kim Kardashian is now ab blonde, she says, as a “Gift” to Kanye west because it blonde. “I’m back blonde,”… Read More

May, 24th 2018 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Wedding Photo

Kim Kardashian shared a never-before-seen wedding photo of her and Kanye and people are kinda freaking out. The couple has… Read More