Kanye West

Aug, 12th 2018 celebs

Um, Did Kanye Just Say He’d Hook Up With His Wife’s Sisters?

In his new song “XTCY,” Kanye West basically said that he has the hots for his wife, Kim Kardashian’s, sisters… Read More

Aug, 4th 2018 celebs

Kanye West: The Billionaire?

There’s no doubt that the Kardashian-West family is one of the richest ones in Tinseltown. Now, according to The Blast,… Read More

Jul, 31st 2018 celebs

Kanye West’s Sketches Of His Yeezy Sneakers Were Totally Trolled On Twitter! LOL

Kanye West decided to tweet a few sketches of his upcoming footwear collection for Yeezy, launching 2019. Most Twitter users… Read More

Jul, 18th 2018 celebs

Dennis Rodman And Kanye West Might Be Visiting North Korea Soon?

Dennis Rodman is calling on his pal Kanye West to visit his other pall, Kim Jong Un, the North Korean… Read More

Jun, 5th 2018 celebs

Is Kanye West The Right Person To Talk About Bipolar Disorder?

Kanye West reveals he has bipolar disorder in his new album, ye, and some people aren’t too keen about him… Read More

Jun, 4th 2018 celebs

Kanye West Reveals He Has A Mental Condition, Says It’s a ‘Superpower’

Kanye West confirmed what most of the world had sort of speculated: he has a mental health condition. “I had… Read More

Jun, 1st 2018 celebs

Kanye West Raps About Tristan Thompson Cheating on Khloé In New Song

When it comes to art, nothing is off limits — even family! Kanye West recently mocked Tristan Thompson for cheating… Read More

May, 28th 2018 celebs

Whitney Houston’s Cousin Comes After Kanye West For Using Bathroom Pic

After Kanye West spent $85,000 to use a pic of Whitney Houston’s drug-ridden bathroom for the cover image of one… Read More

May, 25th 2018 celebs

Kanye Drops $85,000 For A Photo Of Whitney Houston’s Bathroom

Kanye spent $85,000 on a photo of Whitney Houston’s drug-ridden bathroom to use for cover art for Pusha T’s upcoming… Read More

May, 24th 2018 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Wedding Photo

Kim Kardashian shared a never-before-seen wedding photo of her and Kanye and people are kinda freaking out. The couple has… Read More