James Franco

Jan, 17th 2018 celebs

James Franco Plans to Attend SAG Awards in Wake of Accusations

This week has been crazy for James Franco, following multiple allegations against him made by several women — most of them… Read More

Jan, 12th 2018 celebs

James Franco Once Wrote About His Gross Pickup Methods In A 2013 Book

After multiple women came out to accuse the actor of sexual misconduct, James Franco recently told Stephen Colbert that the… Read More

Jan, 11th 2018 celebs

5 Women (Including Former Students) Accuse James Franco Of Sexual Misconduct

James Franco has now been accused of sexual misconduct by at least five different women, four of them being former… Read More

Jan, 10th 2018 celebs

James Franco Denies Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Him

Following his Golden Globe win, Ally Sheedy tweeted a critic tweet about her relationship with James Franco on the 2014… Read More

Nov, 28th 2017 celebs

Saoirse Ronan, James Franco & Kevin Hart to Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ in December

Saoirse Ronan, James Franco and Kevin Hart are hosting Saturday Night Live this December! The announcement was dropped on Twitter… Read More

Sep, 9th 2017 celebs

Guess What They Used as a Stand-In for James Franco’s Semen in ‘The Deuce’

James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s new HBO series The Deuce is getting a lot of attention due to its 1970s… Read More

Sep, 8th 2017 celebs

James Franco Ate Salads For a Year to Prepare for Sex Scenes In Latest Projects

James Franco knows how to prepare for sex scenes — really, any shirtless scene. In his new movie The Disaster Artist… Read More

Mar, 11th 2017 tv

Inside Look at James Franco’s HBO Drama About, Ahem, Porn…

We’re seeing double! 😱 #JamesFranco is pulling double duty in this first look of @hbo’s #TheDeuce, in which the actor… Read More

Feb, 9th 2017 celebs

OMG, is This REALLY James Franco?!

So the film, The Room, made in 2003, rose to major fame for an odd reason: it was deemed one of the… Read More

Dec, 22nd 2016 style

Watch James Franco Dress as Beyonce 

James Franco was recently spotted wearing Beyonce’s now-iconic dress from Lemonade’s “Hold Up” in Los Angeles. Who the hell knows… Read More