Frank Sinatra

Nov, 8th 2017 celebs

Did Antidepressants Kill Frank Sinatra?

A post shared by Azura🌹 (@azura_deceiver) on Nov 7, 2017 at 7:10pm PST Frank Sinatra’s manager, Eliot Weisman, was with… Read More

Mar, 24th 2017 music

Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan Apparently Had a Serious Bromance

Music legend Bob Dylan is letting it all hang loose in a new interview posted on his website this week…. Read More

Dec, 26th 2016 music

Frank Sinatra’s Advice to a Young George Michael

Frank Sinatra’s letter to George Michael — Catherine Rampell (@crampell) December 26, 2016 Twenty years ago, George Michael was… Read More