Emma Thompson

Nov, 8th 2018 celebs

LOL! Emma Thompson Tried to Sneak A Kiss From Prince William at Her Damehood

Emma Thompson is not here to waste time. When she’s in front of a live Prince, who knows what she’ll… Read More

May, 19th 2018 celebs

Emma Thompson Couldn’t Give A Crap About The Royal Wedding

If there’s one person who is sick and tired of all the wedding talk, it’s Emma Thompson, who shut down… Read More

Mar, 1st 2018 celebs

Emma Thompson Channeled Kenneth Branagh’s Infidelity For ‘Love Actually’ Performance

The heartbreaking scene where Emma Thompson’s character is crying in the bedroom due to her husband’s infidelity in Love, Actually… Read More

Oct, 13th 2017 celebs

Emma Thompson Calls Weinstein A ‘Predator,’ Not a ‘Sex Addict’

Emma Thompson has a way with words, and this time she’s targeting them towards Harvey Weinstein. “I didn’t know about… Read More

Mar, 23rd 2017 celebs

Emma Thompson’s Amazing Response To Trump When He Asked Her Out!

So, Donald Trump is attracted to beautiful women. This much we know. What we didn’t know, until now, is that he… Read More

Feb, 24th 2017 celebs

Emma Thompson Reveals Why She’s Sadly Not in ‘Love Actually’ Sequel

As we know the “Love Actually” team is getting back together for a special mini-sequel, in honor of Red Nose… Read More

Nov, 25th 2016 celebs

Mrs. Potts’ true feelings: Beauty and the Beast Remake

The original Mrs. Potts,  Angela Lansbury, is a little confused as to why Disney is doing a live-action remake of… Read More