Chris Pratt

May, 12th 2017 celebs

WATCH: Chris Pratt And Ellen DeGeneres Crack Up Playing ‘Speak Out’

Chris Pratt stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday to promote Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. In honor of Mother’s… Read More

May, 4th 2017 celebs

Chris Pratt Apologizes with Sign Language Video

Chris Pratt certainly knows how to apologize!  What a guy! Recently, Chris posted a video to promote “Guardians of the… Read More

May, 4th 2017 celebs

Chris Pratt Got ‘Knocked Out’ While Filming ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2’

Starring in action movies is not for the faint of heart! Chris Pratt stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers… Read More

May, 2nd 2017 celebs

Chris Pratt Dishes On His Mortifying Sexy Mixtape

Even hotties like Chris Pratt have the occasional epic bedroom fail! The actor stopped by The Late Show with Stephen… Read More

Apr, 21st 2017 celebs

Chris Pratt Has a Star on the Walk of Fame, Thanks Anna Faris in Emotional Speech!

A post shared by Getty Images Entertainment (@gettyentertainment) on Apr 20, 2017 at 11:02am PDT Chris mother f*cking Pratt has… Read More

Apr, 20th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Anna Faris Live Tweets Her Day With Chris Pratt (Adorbs)

It was a big week for Chris Pratt, seeing as his movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opened, bringing… Read More

Apr, 20th 2017 celebs

What Chris Pratt Learned From His Late Father

Marvel’s upcoming sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is action-packed fun, but Chris Pratt’s favorite thing about it may surprise… Read More

Apr, 12th 2017 celebs

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Are Expecting!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are going to be parents! The reality stars revealed to US Weekly that Heidi is 12… Read More

Apr, 6th 2017 celebs

Chris Pratt Rapping About His Muffin Is the Cutest Thing You’ll Watch Today

Chris Pratt is doing yet another adorable rapping video about food — thank God! In his most recent, he’s rapping about… Read More

Mar, 30th 2017 celebs

Chris Pratt’s Cut Butt Cheeks Are His New Jam

 Ok, diets suck. But every cloud has its silver lining. Chris Pratt isn’t loving what’s on the menu for him… Read More