Britney Spears

Aug, 19th 2019 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Britney Spears Posts A Pic Of ‘Never Worn’ Louboutins Worth $6K

Leave it to fans to do their own research and reporting. After Britney Spears gave fans a peek inside her wardrobe,… Read More

Aug, 6th 2019 photos

CELEB REFRESH: Britney Spears And Sam Asghari Take Her Sons To Disneyland

Britney Spears and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, had an incredible day with her sons at Disneyland over the weekend. “Great time at… Read More

Jul, 24th 2019 celebs

Are Britney Spears And Sam Asghari Engaged?

Britney Spears is sparking rumors that she and boyfriend Sam Asghari are engaged! While attending the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood… Read More

Jul, 3rd 2019 sports

Britney Spears Shares Her Food And Exercise Secrets

Wanna eat like Britney? Well now you can. The singer recently opened up about her exercise habits and desire to lose weight…. Read More

Jun, 29th 2019 celebs

Britney Spears Is Giving Us An Epic Throwback Look

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Jun 27, 2019 at 4:30pm PDT Britney… Read More

Jun, 16th 2019 celebs

Britney Spears Gave Fans A Tour Of Her Closet

Britney Spears has been using her time to organize her closet, and we’re so grateful for it! The pop singer posted… Read More

Jun, 14th 2019 celebs

Britney Spears Says Paparazzi Altered Photos Of Her

Britney Spears has had enough of folks talking about her. So much so that she’s accusing paparazzi of editing photos to… Read More

May, 28th 2019 celebs

Britney Spears Is Hoping To Extend Restraining Order Against Ex-Manager Sam Lutfi

Our hearts are going out to Britney Spears, who doesn’t seem to be able to get a break. After she… Read More

May, 15th 2019 celebs

Britney Spears Might Not Perform Again For A Very Long Time

Britney Spears has had an awful year so far, and now TMZ is reporting that it’s all coming to a… Read More

May, 13th 2019 celebs

Britney Spears’s Boyfriend Gives A Sweet Nod To Her On Mother’s Day

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sam Asghari (@samasghari) on May 12, 2019 at 11:31am PDT Britney… Read More