Ariana Grande

Jul, 16th 2018 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Pete Davidson Watches Ariana Grande’s Sexy Video Shoot

Pete Davidson can’t believe how lucky he is. The SNL alum is totally in love with his fiancee Ariana Grande,… Read More

Jul, 13th 2018 celebs

Pete Davidson Praises Ariana Grande’s Topless Photo

Ariana Grande’s new single “God Is a Woman” is pretty epic. With it, came a photo of her topless swimming… Read More

Jul, 8th 2018 celebs

Ariana Grande Defends Pete Davidson’s Manchester Joke

The world was horrified at 2017’s Manchester attack that happened at Ariana Grande’s concert. It was a tough time for… Read More

Jul, 2nd 2018 celebs

Ariana Grande Got A Tattoo Honoring Pete Davidson’s Father Who Died on 9/11

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are getting tatted UP for each other. Last month, Pete revealed a tattoo honoring his… Read More

Jun, 27th 2018 celebs

OMG, Ariana Grande Made A Joke Eluding To Pete Davidson’s Large… Private Parts

Ariana Grande is clearly one happy camper with Pete Davidson. Last week, the star eluded that he has quite the,… Read More

Jun, 26th 2018 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Pete Davidson Calls Ariana Grande An ‘Angel On Earth’

The most romantic couple is by far Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande. We’re so onboard this train it’s sick. And… Read More

Jun, 18th 2018 celebs

Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande Living Together Now!

Pate Davidson and Ariana Grande might have shacked up together, according to a weekend post the singer posted of a… Read More

Jun, 14th 2018 celebs

Pete Davidson Covered Tattoo Of Ex-Girfriend Before Proposing to Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have gotten engaged after only a few weeks of dating, but Pete had gotten visible… Read More

Jun, 12th 2018 celebs

WHAT! Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson Engaged After Dating A Few Weeks

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged after dating only a few short weeks, US Weekly reports. Just last week,… Read More

Jun, 3rd 2018 celebs

Pete Davidson Got Tattoos Inspired By Girlfriend Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s relationship is going rather fast, so much so that he recently got two tattoos inspired… Read More