Alyssa Milano

Mar, 10th 2019 celebs

Twitter Is Hating On Alyssa Milano After Tone-Deaf Tweet

Alyssa Milano is getting a bit of backlash on Twitter after messaging yesterday that she’s celebrating trans women for International… Read More

Dec, 13th 2018 celebs

Alyssa Milano To Write Activism-Themed Children’s Books

Alyssa Milano is trying to change the future — one book at a time. And we’re totally here for it!  According… Read More

Oct, 5th 2018 celebs

Alyssa Milano Speaks To Sen. Susan Collins About Her Own Sexual Assault

Alyssa Milano spoke to Senator Susan Collins about her own sexual assault when she was 19 in an emotional video… Read More

Sep, 28th 2018 celebs

This Photo Of Alyssa Milano Behind Brett Kavanaugh Is A Masterclass

If you saw Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing yesterday, you would have seen Alyssa Milano subtly hunting her prey in the audience. … Read More

Aug, 31st 2018 celebs

Alyssa Milano Is Receiving A GLAAD Award For Being An Ally

It’s been announced that Alyssa Milano will be receiving a GLAAD award. More specifically, she’ll be getting the first Ariadne… Read More

Dec, 18th 2017 celebs

Alyssa Milano Had To Explained Rape Culture to Matt Damon

Matt Damn recently discussed the #MeToo movement in an an ABC News interview, but his comments seemed to be a… Read More

Dec, 14th 2017 celebs

People Are Starting To Question Alyssa Milano’s Role Weinstein Scandal

A post shared by αlyssα jαynє milαno ღ (@alyssamilxno) on Dec 14, 2017 at 5:07am PST While Alyssa Milano is… Read More

Oct, 18th 2017 celebs

Alyssa Milano Shares 3 Things Hollywood Can Change After Weinstein’s Scandal

Alyssa Milano is not only a terrific actress, but she’s a hardcore activist and mother who started the #MeToo campaign,… Read More

Oct, 16th 2017 sports

Alyssa Milano’s Sexual Assault Campaign #MeToo Goes Viral

A post shared by Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) on Oct 14, 2017 at 3:25pm PDT Leave it to the Halliwell sisters… Read More

Jun, 19th 2017 celebs

Alyssa Milano Sues Ex-Business Manager for $10M for Misconduct

Alyssa Milano is not doing that great in the money department. In fact, she’s apparently spiraled into a huge financial… Read More