Alec Baldwin

Jun, 6th 2019 celebs

OMG! Alec Baldwin Is Going To Be Roasted on Comedy Central

We are SO ready for this. Alec Baldwin has always been able to laugh at himself. Now we’re going to… Read More

Apr, 24th 2019 celebs

Alec Baldwin Speaks To UN About Environmental Issues

This week, Alec Baldwin spoke passionately at the United Nations about the environment and the importance of preserving the planet… Read More

Feb, 5th 2019 celebs

Alec Baldwin Thought The Man He Assaulted Over Parking Space Was Gonna Run Over His Wife

In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Alec Baldwin opened up about his scuffle over a parking spot that… Read More

Oct, 15th 2018 celebs

Alec Baldwin Wants Americans To ‘Overthrow’ Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin is always going to be Team America, even if it blatantly means urging us to overthrow the president. … Read More

Oct, 11th 2018 celebs

Alec Baldwin Credits His Portrayal Of Trump As The Reason Why ‘Black People Love Me’

Alec Baldwin is always going to say whatever drives his impulse. Recently, he opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about… Read More

Sep, 21st 2018 celebs

Alec Baldwin Likely To Return To Saturday Night Live as Trump

Alec Baldwin created a slew of new fans by playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, and now the megastar… Read More

Jun, 25th 2018 celebs

Alec Baldwin Is Asking Melania Trump To Do ‘SNL’

Could the first lady be heading to Saturday Night Live soon? Thanks to a plea from its longtime contributor, Alec… Read More

Jun, 12th 2018 celebs

Alec Baldwin Says He’d Definitely Beat Donald Trump In 2020

Is Alec Baldwin subtly implying he could run against Donald Trump, and win, in 2020? “If I ran, I would… Read More

Jan, 30th 2018 celebs

Diane Keaton & Alec Baldwin Are Unapologetically On Woody Allen’s Side

The recent sexual assault allegations in Hollywood have reignited the allegations against director Woody Allen made by his adopted daughter… Read More

Jan, 17th 2018 celebs

Alec Baldwin Defends Woody Allen Amidst Molest Charges

Alec Baldwin stood up for his friend Woody Allen after multiple celebrities are reigniting past accusations made by his daughter… Read More