Stacey Abrams’s Message to U.S. Voters: ‘Be Patient’

Stacey Abrams is coming out with an encouraging message for voters.

“We cannot call this election before we have the answer,” she told People. “The reality is that a delay does not mean the election has been tampered with. It means the process is working, because it’s going to take some time to count all of these ballots.”

The pandemic is expected to lead a higher-than-normal number of Americans to vote by mail this election season, which Trump has used to try to convince people that the election results will be rigged despite that states already largely conduct elections by mail without issue.

Stacey encouraged voters to “make a plan” and to vote early.

“You want all the time in the world to get there, so the media needs to talk about this election season and election days,” she said. “Don’t make it a single day because then people panic — or worse, they wait and delay.”

Stacey, who was the first Black woman to be nominated to run for governor by either major party in any state, added, “I would rather have patience and accuracy than speed and autocracy. We don’t want speed. We want accuracy. And that means we need people to be patient.”

We love you, Stacey.

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I am fighting to make sure our democracy works for and represents everyone who has ever put their faith in it. I am fighting for every Georgian who cast a ballot with the promise that their vote would count. Yesterday, I met with Tate, Cassandra, Nedghie, Angel, Surabhi, Delaney, Cazembe, Amari, and Arnaud – Georgia voters from all walks of life who experienced difficulty casting their ballots or helped those who were having trouble. Whether they were first time voters, volunteers, or elected officials, they all felt dismayed and disillusioned by a democracy whose hurdles and failures made it nearly impossible to vote. Some were only able to vote through tenacity and sheer force of will. Many were left voiceless altogether. And they are not alone. Over the last few days, our Voter Protection Hotline has heard countless stories of Georgia voters who fought for their right to vote, but for whatever reason, were prevented from casting their ballot. We heard stories from voters who took time off work to vote, only to be turned away at their assigned polling precinct and every polling place they visited. Students and military service members who requested absentee ballots, but their ballots never arrived or their completed ballots were "lost in the mail." First time voters and long-time voters whose names were "no longer on the list." Their voices deserve to be heard. They deserve justice. And that is why we will continue this fight. Make no mistake: Our democracy should work for all of us, regardless of political leanings, race, income, or region. Voting is a right, not a privilege. It is fundamental to our democracy and to our Georgia, and I will fight every single day until our government – a government of the people, by the people, and for the people – works for all of us.

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