Will The Kardashians Be Starting Their Own Media Company Soon?

The Kardashians might have axed their reality show, but they’re not going anywhere…

According to network insiders, the family may have a big streaming deal within a year and they’re even thinking about starting their own media company.

According to Page Six, they’re interested in signing a more lucrative streaming deal with one of the online giants such as Netflix, Apple or Amazon.

Reportedly, E! had paid the family $150 million the last time they renewed their contract in 2017, but with other TV giants like Ryan Murphy and J.J. Abrams signing streaming deals worth a reported $300 million, the Kardashian just might find bigger paydays.

“There’s more money in streaming,” a source said. “And it’s global.”

One insider said the family is interested in working on a show similar to Shark Tank, by trading off their newfound reputations as entrepreneurs.

“They’re open to all opportunities,” said the insider. “But they are taking some time off.”

All of this sounds interesting! The family clearly has a solid game plan.

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