Chelsea Handler’s Followers Call Out Her ‘White Privilege’ Over Bikini Photo

Chelsea Handler’s fans are getting a bit ticked off.

Recently, the comedian shared a throwback photo, where she is seen wearing a purple bikini paired with high heels as she stands on a yacht.

In the caption, she noted that she was jokingly trying to “figure out why women wear heels” while they’re wearing swimwear with the hashtags “throwback,” “FBF” (Flashback Friday) and “White Privilege.”

Of course, the #whiteprivilege tag ended up getting her into some trouble.

One commentor wrote, “You post against white privilege yet you live a more privileged life than most and flaunt it… what a joke!”

A second added, “This hashtag is not f—kin appropriate.”

Another write, “It must be the white privileged. It’s amazing to me that you are telling people of color you are better than them from the color of your skin and they are bowing down to you.”

Ouch. Well, we’re sure Chelsea will allow this to blow over but perhaps she should clarify what she means?!

H/T: Pop Culture

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