Abby Huntsman And Her Family Have COVID-19

Abby Huntsman revealed that she and her family have been battling COVID-19, after receiving false negative tests.

Abby has been documenting the experience on social media.

The daughter of politician Jon Huntsman Jr. said in a video on Twitter, “My dad is pretty much about 95 percent back to normal … My mom still has no taste or smell … Others in the house are currently dealing with a fever, aches … Everyone in our house has experienced it totally differently.”

“The best way I can describe my experience is: It feels like a giant snake that is perfectly wrapped around your body, and the snake decides when, where and how it wants to squeeze you,” she continued. “So, one hour it can be your head and you have the worst migraines of your life. And the next hour you feel totally fine. And the next hour after that, it could be your chest and you’re struggling to breathe, or your leg muscles feel like you have never-ending charley horses.”

Wow. We’re sending all the love and light to her family.

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