D.L. Hughley Tests Positive for COVID-19

Soon after D.L. Hughley collapsed in the middle of his set at a Nashville comedy club, the comedian announced he tested positive for COVID-19.

The comic lost consciousness while performing at the Zanies comedy nightclub on Friday night. Then on Saturday, he posted a video on Twitter in which he told fans that he was treated for exhaustion and dehydration.

“I also tested positive for COVID-19, which blew me away,” he said in the clip. “I was what they call asymptomatic. I didn’t have any symptoms, the classic symptoms.”

D.L. said he still hasn’t exhibited any of the typical symptoms associated with COVID-19.

“So, in addition to all the other stuff you have to look out for,” he adds, if you “pass out in the middle of a show, onstage, you probably need to get tested.”

Wow. Well, hopefully everyone who was at the show is watching this so they can get tested as well!

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