Cardi B Vents to Young Fans About Bernie Sanders & Joe Biden

Cardi B was a very staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, now that he’s out of the race, the rapper is calling out her young fans who previously stated they’d vote for Bernie but failed to show up at the polls.

“I see a lot of young people on the internet always lying!” she said. “Y’all young motherf–kers, I’m getting sick of y’all. I’m about to start hanging out with my grandma’s friends, because they vote. Y’all don’t vote, and that s–t is getting me tight.”

She continued: “Y’all be like, ‘We love Bernie’, but y’all wasn’t voting! Y’all wasn’t voting! What was up with that?! Now you know who be voting? Older people. People that don’t give a f–k about going to college. ‘I don’t give a f–k about going to college and s–t. I went to college in 1950, why do I give a f–k? I don’t care about being healthy and medicare… I’m living off my pensions, I worked my whole life, I’m living good.’ Those are the people that are voting.”

“And ’cause of that, that means Bernie is out the race. And now, we gotta vote for [Joe] Biden,” she concluded.

We agree with Cardi!

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