Jane Fonda is Through With Plastic Surgery

Jane Fonda is over it… with plastic surgery, that is.

As she said in a recent interview with Elle magazine, “I can’t pretend that I’m not vain, but there isn’t going to be any more plastic surgery — I’m not going to cut myself up anymore,” adding, “I have to work every day to be self-accepting. It doesn’t come easy to me.”

Now, the actress finds joy in poking fun at herself.

“I try to make it very clear that it has been a long and continuing struggle for me,” she said. “I post pictures of me looking haggard — and once with my tooth out!”

She added, “I grew up at a time when the thinking was that women were like cats, competing with each other, knocking each other down. But, in fact, there is no limit to what we can accomplish if we work together.”

We love you, Jane!

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