Courteney Cox Shares Side-By-Side Photo of Her and Daughter Coco at High School Dance

Wow, fashion trends have certainly changed since Courteney Cox went to high school.

Over the weekend, the Friends alum posted an adorable Instagram photo showing just how different the outfit she wore to her first school formal back in the day was in comparison to the dress her daughter Coco Arquette recently wore.

In the side-by-side photo, we see that Courteney opted for a black turtleneck over a casual-looking white belted dress, while her 15-year-old daughter went with a red dress and a matching cherry necklace.

“Our first formals!” she captioned the post. “I’m not saying times have changed but, someone is a little more ‘formal’ than someone else. Obviously it was a little chillier in Alabama. #simplicitypatterns.”

Don’t you just love that she can have fun with her daughter like this? Fashion brings people together, y’all!

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