Taylor Swift Tried to Kick Justin Bieber Out of Her Gym

Here’s the thing. When you’re an A-list celebrity like Taylor Swift you want to pay for private gym sessions.

Who needs all those sweaty fans around you, right?

Well, recently Taylor attempted to have Justin Bieber and several others removed from the Dogpound Gym in West Hollywood, according to TMZ.

Reportedly, Justin and his security team were approached and asked to leave by Taylor’s folks — but they refused to go until Justin finished his workout.

Apparently, after Justin and his crew left, that’s when they realized it was Taylor who’d requested they leave. Once he left, the remaining gym members were also asked to leave, TMZ confirms.

According to a source, Taylor had an appointment with a trainer where she specified she’d like to train alone in the facility.

Of course, given that it was Justin, things look a bit shady since the two engaged in a minor feud a few weeks back over his ties to Taylor’s ex-manager Scooter Braun.

Whatever the case may be… if you pay for a private gym session, you should GET a private gym session.

Sh-sh-sh-shake it off, Justin!

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