Did NeNe Leakes Try to Spit on Kenya Moore in New ‘Real Housewives’ Trailer?

We’re dying. We’re in shock. We can’t believe our eyes.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has been fighting with Kenya Moore throughout Season 12. Everyone knows that. She’s even given her shade on our friend Wendy Williams’s show.

But… she might have gone too far this time.

In the new mid-season trailer, we see NeNe’s rocky relationships with her fellow co-star.

“I know what submissive is … But she ain’t herself in front of him,” NeNe said about Kenya and her husband Marc Daly.

Later, we see NeNe and Kenya going back-and-forth on two separate occasions. At one point, NeNe is held back while Kenya laughs from her seat. The OG cast member then appears to spit in Kenya’s direction.

Of course, Kenya had mentioned this incident when she was on a November episode of Watch What Happens Live!

“Once someone tries to spit on you, I think they’re not ever gonna be friends with you,” she told an inquiring fan while sitting down with Andy Cohen.

Of course, NeNe denied spitting on Kenya soon after.

“Now I know you guys remember when the show was getting ready to start, Kenya was saying I spit on her,” she said on Instagram. “I just want y’all to keep a record of what’s going on. Do I ever spit on Kenya? No! Why she went and told those lies? It’s again… to be malicious.”

Ouch! Well, from the looks of it… it kinda looks like attempted spitting. Right? See for yourself:

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