Andrew Yang’s Wife Reveals She Was Once Sexually Assaulted by Her Gynecologist

Evelyn Yang could potentially be the future First Lady, and recently she opened up with stunning details about a past experience she had with her gynecologist while she was pregnant.

Evelyn, who’s husband is Democratic hopeful Andrew Yang, accused her former gynecologist Robert Hadden of sexual assault.

In an interview with CNN, Evelyn alleges that while she was Robert’s patient in 2012, he asked her inappropriate questions and called for “unnecessary” appointments.

During one appointment, he undressed her and proceeded to “examine me internally, ungloved,” when she was seven months pregnant with son Christopher. He also asked her “inappropriate, unsolicited questions about sexual activity with her husband.”

“There was absolutely no premise for that line of questioning, and it seemed like he just wanted to hear about me talking about sex,” she revealed. “What I kept sticking to was this: ‘Okay, so my doctor is pervy. I have a pervy doctor, but I’m going to focus on having a healthy baby,’ and the idea of changing doctors was overwhelming for me.”

However, over time, Evelyn said that her “examinations became longer, more frequent, and I learned that they were unnecessary most of the time.”

“I suppose I just need to trust him,” she explained. By the seventh month of her pregnancy, Evelyn said she was in the exam room “dressed and ready to go” after the appointment.

Evelyn said that during an appointment when she was 7 months pregnant, Robert “kind of made up an excuse. He said something about, ‘I think you might need a C-section,’ and he proceeded to grab me over to him and undress me and examine me internally, ungloved. I knew it was wrong. I knew I was being assaulted.”

“I knew it was happening. I could feel it,” she continued. “I remember trying to fix my eyes on a spot on the wall and just trying to avoid seeing his face as he was assaulting me, just waiting for it to be over.”

Evelyn told her husband months later, after witnessing a number of women come forward about their own assaults in the media.

“I’m extraordinarily proud of Evelyn for telling her story, and my heart breaks every time I think of what she had to experience,” Andrew said in a statement in response to the interview. “She is my best friend and the bravest woman I know.”

“No one deserves to be harmed and treated the way she and countless other women have been,” Andrew continued. “When victims of abuse come forward, they deserve our belief, support, and protection. I hope that Evelyn’s story gives strength to those who have suffered and sends a clear message that our institutions must do more to protect and respond to women.”

What a story. Thank you so much for being open, Evelyn. You’re going to help a lot of women come forward.

Watch the full interview HERE.

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