A Mom Was Beaten After Going to School Principal About Daughter’s Bullying

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People magazine has reported that California police are investigating an attack outside a high school where a mother was beaten by teens who were allegedly bullying her daughter.

The fight happened at James Logan High School last Tuesday morning.

“We were told multiple people were involved in [a] fight,” Union City Police Lt. Steve Mendez told People.

Steve added that a young teen was arrested on a charge of battery with great bodily harm. They were later released.

The mom, Maria Guadalupe Jimenez, told KRON4 that she and her husband Eder Rojas had gone to the school to tell the principal their 16-year-old daughter was being bullied.

The alleged attack occurred outside the school soon after their meeting.

“The girl was very furious. They grabbed [me] by the hair and dragged me,” Maria alleged to ABC7. “I just wanted to talk to the principal. You’d never imagine a kid would hit an adult. I thought we were safe on campus.”

Eder added that he needed to pick his wife up from the ground after she was beaten. Maria had just given birth to a daughter four months earlier. She spent two days in the hospital.

“At this point we have one side telling us one thing and the other side telling us another,” Steve told reporters. “We don’t know who started it or how it started.”

“It will be interesting to find out exactly why all the parties met up at the front of the school at the same time,” he added. “We don’t know if they were confronted or went looking for the suspect before going to the principal’s office. We don’t know who did what and for what reason.”

“The motive is part of the investigation,” he concluded. “There were at least six people involved in this thing. I am not saying they are active participants, but they were there.”

A Go Fund Me page has been created to help with hospital bills. Our hearts go out to Maria and her family during this atrocious time.

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