Insiders Think Harry and Meghan Will Be Punished for Defying the Queen

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle apparently defied the Queen’s orders to not make their shocking announcement prematurely.

According to a new report by the Evening Standard, Queen Elizabeth is not happy and is likely to “punish” them for their rebellion.

Senior sources told the outlet that Harry had been warned by his father, Prince Charles, not to make any rash decisions on his future role in the royal household. That’s when the Queen gave her grandson strict instructions not to make any announcements after he requested a face-to-face with her at her country retreat, Sandringham.

But Harry and Meghan did it anyway…

Sources say the couple alerted Charles and Prince William only 10 minutes before they released the statement.

Their defiance sparked unprecedented “hurt” and “disappointment,” the insiders told the Evening Standard. “Harry and Meghan will be punished for this,” they added without any further details.

Oh Lord! This whole thing is getting out of control. We hope Harry and Meghan will be able to sleep well tonight.

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