Lori Loughlin Hired a Prison Expert to Advise Her on How to Survive Behind Bars

Lori Loughlin might finally be aware of how much is at stake.

According to People magazine, the actress has hired a prison expert to teach her how to survive behind bars if she ends up doing time. Of course, Lori is awaiting trial for charges in the college admissions scandal.

“Prison is a very different world than Hollywood, and Lori is just trying to be prepared,” a source told People. “Table manners are different; social interactions are different… Here on the outside, eye contact is a good thing. You meet someone and you shake their hands and stare them in the eyes. In prison, you might not do that. You don’t want to challenge someone.”

Furthermore, according to Radar Online, Lori is being schooled on prison slang and has been training to defend herself.

It kinda sounds like she’s doing research for a role, right?!

“She’s knuckling down, learning the lingo and practicing martial arts to give off the impression she’s tough and to ward off potential bullies,” an insider told Radar. “[She] knows there will be plenty of them in federal prison.”

The whole thing must be so scary. Regardless, we’ll be making sure we have the latest news as she enters trial soon. Hopefully she has everything in order!

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