LOL! This Grandma Charged Her Family $45-A-Head for Christmas Dinner

Hey! It’s expensive putting together a large Christmas dinner, right? Just ask 52-year-old grandma Hayley Garbutt.

Hayley, who lives in England, figured out a way to make feeding her family during the holidays more affordable: She’s charging them!

While it might seem harsh, it’s actually quite sensible. With the money, the grandmother of four says she’s be able to really “spoil” her family at Christmas. Not to mention, all the guests have nothing to worry about. They just gotta show up hungry!

According to The Sun, Hayley is charging about $45-a-head for a seat at her Christmas dinner table. Of course, guests include her three children, their partners, her four grandchildren, and a few friends.

“I get all of my family to put in before I go and do the shop,” she told the outlet. “This year I spent $388 online at Morrisons, doing the big shop and making sure I had a variety of things in. But it’s not that I’m being tight — it means I get to spend more in other aspects then too like presents — this year the tree has so many presents stacked around it, that you can’t even see it.”

And don’t you worry, the family is certainly getting their money’s worth.

Hayley Garbutt via The Sun

“My fridge is absolutely packed and I’ve got all sorts of different meats in, from beef, to turkey, pork and chicken,” she explained. “I’ve got champagne for Christmas day and all the fizzy drinks for the kids. On the actual day, I have my daughters Lucy 26, and Zola, 33 coming and my son Luke, 27.”

“I’ll lay their Christmas meal out like a buffet and make sure everything that they request is there,” she continued. “It’s going to be the full works, and nobody leaves until really late, as in the evening I get more guests coming too. I’ll wash up and I’ll clean but I’ll make sure there’s everything from King prawns, to pizza, to homemade quiches.”

Courtesy Hayley Garbutt

What a great idea! Read more at The Sun.

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