People Are Torn: Is Queen Elizabeth’s Coat Green or Blue?

The Queen’s coat seems to be stumping folks.

This week, Queen Elizabeth gave a speech at the Buckingham Palace to acknowledge the State Opening of Parliament. She wore a long teal coat with a matching hat and one of her signature silver brooches.

However, Twitter seems to be divided on whether the coat is green or blue.

One social media user suggested that Her Royal Highness was wearing blue in support of Brexit: “I reckon Queen is in Brexit colors today? Better than the royal blue hat with yellow flowers after Ref2016.”

However, others began writing that they see GREEN and not blue.

“Is Her Majesty the Queen wearing #green clobber to signify favoring Green Party policies #StateOpeningOfParliament,” another wrote.

To be honest… all we see is teal! But a debate is building slowly. What do YOU see?

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