Barack Obama’s Sister Shares Rare Childhood Photos!

Leave it to Barack Obama’s sister to share rare photos of America’s beloved former president. The thing is, though… they’re not embarrassing at all. They’re super cute!

Tonight, Barack and his younger sister Maya Soetoro-Ng will appear in Malaysia at the Obama Foundation’s 2019 Asia-Pacific program. Together, they’re talking about what it means to lead, as well as the multicultural childhood they shared.

“We’re really looking for leaders who are embedded, who are grassroots leaders who understand that although they may have a great many skills and accomplishments, that we accomplish more together,” Maya tells People.

As People reports, last year, the Asia-Pacific program mentored leaders in Africa. This year’s class of 200, from the private and public sectors, come from 33 nations and territories across the Asia-Pacific region who have been meeting in Kuala Lumpur this week.

Maya will also share childhood photos. Three in particular show “our family’s complexity and hybridity, but also the importance of this work and connecting the United States with the Asia Pacific region,” she tells the outlet.

Courtesy Obama Foundation

The first childhood photo (pictured above) shows the former president with their mother, Ann Dunham, in the mid 1960s. Maya thinks it was snapped on the day their mom graduated with her bachelor’s degree in anthropology.

Courtesy Obama Foundation

The second photo (pictured above) shows her and Barack with their mother, Maya’s paternal grandmother and the family’s nanny at the Prambanan, a Hindu temple in Indonesia.

The third photo (pictured above) is in Hawaii, where Barack attended middle and high school. It shows the two of them with their mother and maternal grandfather.

How cute is Barack? Also, how retro are these photos?

Don’t ya miss the ’70s?

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