Miley Cyrus Gets New Tattoo That Says ‘Freedom’ During Her Ongoing Divorce From Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is clearly enjoying her new life amidst her ongoing divorce from ex Liam Hemsworth.

Over the weekend, the 27-year-old singer got two new tattoos, inked by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter, who shared pictures of the new tats on his Instagram page.

The singer got the word “freedom” written across her hand, above her knuckles. She also got another tattoo, which was a sentimental note she received from Yoko Ono: “I’m proud of U, Yoko,” the tattoo read in Yoko’s handwriting.

While Miley sings about freedom in her 2019 track “Mother’s Daughter,” the timing of it all has a few commenters on Instagram wondering if it’s a subtle dig towards Liam.

To be honest, it reads that way… but you never know.

Sometimes it’s just a case of bad timing. Either way, we’re still hoping everything turns out for the better during Miley and Liam’s separation.

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