After Losing Her Beloved Pup, Jennifer Aniston is Considering Getting Another Dog

It’s always hard losing a pet. We’ve all been there, and so has Jennifer Aniston.

The actress and her ex-husband Justin Theroux lost their beloved dog Dolly a few months back, and now she’s considering adding another doggy to her family of three (she currently has dogs, Clyde and Sophie).

“Oh God, I’ve come so close [to getting another dog],” she told People. “And my friend Ellen DeGeneres, as you know, loves nothing more than to bombard me with extremely heartbreaking photographs of animals that need homes.”

She added, “And by the way, if I could have a llama, a pig, an alpaca, sheep, goats, I would. But I have to be very sensitive to Clyde and Sophie because it’s all about whether they are going to be happy.”

Months ago, Justin and Jennifer laid Dolly to rest in a sweet Instagram post:

“Tonight, at sunset, after a heroic struggle … our most loyal family member and protector, Dolly A. laid down her sword and shield. 🐺💔,” Justin wrote at the time. “She was surrounded by her entire family.”

We love you, Jennifer. It’s so wonderful you’re considering Clyde and Sophie. So many dogs would love to have you!

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