Prince William Was Involved In Ousting His Uncle, Prince Andrew, From Royal Duties

Prince Andrew is no longer involved in royal duties in the wake of a disastrous interview he gave about his friendship with the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Apparently, Prince William played a key role in removing Andrew.

A source told People magazine that Queen Elizabeth had a discussion about Andrew with Prince Charles before he announced he was “stepping back” from his royal duties.

“Senior members of the family were involved — the Prince of Wales and other members of the family as the Queen consulted and kept them informed,” the source explained to the outlet.

William is increasingly taking part in strategic decisions and duties, People notes. He’s the future king after all!

They’re definitely setting William up for success, don’t you think? It must have been hard to oust his uncle, but it seems like when it comes to the crown, nothing is really fair.

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