EXCLUSIVE: Drag Queen Pissi Myles Speaks to ‘Hollywood Holler’ After Covering The Impeachment Hearings

Congress was GAGGED when they saw New York City-based drag queen Pissi Myles strut into the capital with her hair held high and her heels clacking the hallways.

Pissi, whose real name is Joe D’Angio, strolled into the Longworth House Office Building in a red latex dress and blonde bouffant to cover the historic impeachment hearings for Happs TV, a tech startup that live-streams TV networks online through mobile apps.

By the way… if you’re in the New York City area, Pissi performs tonight (and every Thursday) at Pieces in the West Village in her one-woman show “Playhouse.” You don’t want to miss it!

Hollywood Holler caught up with Pissi after her appearance went viral. Here’s what she had to say about the historic coverage:

First of all, your hair is to the GODS honey. What’s beneath that wig? A very hefty woman!

What was the reaction from other reporters? Did you have to set any of them straight? People’s reactions were mostly positive, I have to say! I was overwhelmed with kind words and open minds, inquiring about my presence and the Happs network that I was representing. The few people who weren’t as happy to see me seemed to be cross-examining the testifiers that day. I never had to use any zingers, but I imagine I would have made a joke that they were ‘just upset that I hadn’t called them after our meeting in the bathroom.’

What inspired your outfit choice? That’s the outfit that Jack Bury, the Political Director of Happs TV, requested that I wear. Happs is the open-source live-streaming broadcasting network that I was reporting for at the hearings. Jack saw me in that outfit at my show at Barracuda in N.Y.C., and he loved it… and the rest of me, apparently!

What was the energy like at the capital? While I was not directly in the hearing room, I was just outside, and it was clear the energy in the room was combative. Both sides of the aisle were trying hard not to give the other what they were looking for, but I do believe that the questions were probing and the testimony was informative.

How can drag help us come together? That’s a great question! Drag Queens are community leaders and they give voice to the oppressed, but they’re also jesters. We’re here to make you laugh and point out how ridiculous the circumstances are in any given situation, and if there’s ridiculousness anywhere right now, it’s in Washington D.C.! We all need a laugh, and I think laughter is unifying. Pointing out the absurdity is unifying.

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