Angelina Jolie Still Holds ‘Resentment’ Toward Brad Pitt

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

It’s been three years since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt called it quits, but according to Us Weekly, the actress still harbors anger.

“Angelina still has a lot of resentment toward Brad,” a source told the outlet. “She wants him to be held accountable because she feels he turned her and the children’s lives upside down.”

Of course, the couple was together for 12 years before getting married in August 2014. They separated a couple years later.

Together they share six kids (two of them being twins). While they’ve yet to finalize their divorce, they share physical and legal custody of the children.

“Before the [separation], the entire family led a very nomadic existence, and that was because of Angie’s restlessness,” a second source told Us Weekly, adding that it led to a lot of fights. “Brad wanted the kids to have stability while Angie always said they were giving the children an idyllic childhood by exposing them to different countries, languages and experiences.”

Furthermore, “She felt that Brad pressured her [into getting married]” another source said, saying that it’s a reason why she’ll “never get married again.”

Eek! Well to be fair, it’s only been three years. It takes much longer to heal, especially when there are kids involved.

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