Whoopi Goldberg Explains Rumors About ‘The View’ Hosts Fighting Offstage

Whoopi Goldberg is setting the record straight about rumors that she and her cohosts at The View are fighting off-camera.

During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the EGOT actress said plainly: “Here’s the thing, I don’t often have much to say. I’ve been there for almost 10 years. Everyone has what they need to do, and folks, when it’s women they say, ‘You know, they’re fighting.’ You know, if we were fighting, you’d actually know it.”

She continued, “We’re like old broads. We’re like, ‘Pow!’ We’re not like, ‘Stop it, you’re so mean to me.’ We don’t do that.”

The legend also added that if they were “truly fighting,” then there “would be issues.”

LOL! Well they put on a hell of a show regardless, right?

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