Donald Jr. Surprises Trump Base, Says All Bathrooms Should Be Gender Neutral

Well now here’s a turn of events!

Donald Trump Jr. recently did an interview on the right-wing talk show Rubin Report, and clearly set the record straight on what he thinks about gender-neutral bathrooms.

The president’s son said he “would love to build one universal bathroom” that all people could use — regardless of what gender they identify as. “We’re real estate people. If I don’t have to build dual bathrooms I could actually save a lot of money.”

Of course, his argument is more capitalist than genuine, but could this be a good thing for the trans movement overall?

When it comes to LGBTQ rights, Don Jr. said he abides by a “live and let live” philosophy, adding that he wishes “everyone would share a bathroom. I think it would be wonderful.”

However, he has a different tune when it comes to transgender people given that his new book Triggered is filled with transphobic views and ideas.

In case you needed a reminder, Donald Jr. seems to be as unpredictable as his father, but in this circumstance, could it be a good thing? (We’re not holding our breath.)

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