Lucy Liu Has Been A World-Renowned Artist All This Time

OMG Lucy Liu… since when have you been an accomplished painter?!

Those who know Lucy well know that she’s been doing it forever, and it’s only recently that the Internet figured it out.

The truth is, Lucy has been making art since she was a teenager. Unknown to many of her fans, the A-lister maintains a studio practice alongside her work in Hollywood, as reported by Next Shark.

For decades, since showing her work in the mid-1990s, Lucy has signed her work using her Chinese name, Yu Ling.

So for those of you who bought a Yu Ling painting, you actually bought a piece of work that was painted by Lucy Liu. How cool is that?

“Everyone has a different format for how they want to reveal what they are thinking, or what they are seeing, to the audience,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I just had to let go of the audience and just started thinking about what I wanted to see.” 

We’re obsessed with everything about this. Not only is she an angel (Charlie’s Angels that is), but she’s been a low-key acclaimed artist using a pseudonym…?!

Talk about badass.

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