So Here’s What Really Happened When Donald Trump Jr. Visited ‘The View’

As we previously reported, Donald Trump Jr. visited The View yesterday and it was quite the circus.

But according to Page Six, it was just as wild off-camera as it was on. So much so that security allegedly had to be called on an entourage of wealthy donors Donald Jr. brought to cheer him on in the audience.

Furthermore, Whoopi Goldberg had to lecture the crowd during a commercial break to stop their boos, a source added.

The first son was promoting his new book, but the plan to bring moral support didn’t mesh so well when some of his guests, who had been let onto the set early, refused to sit near each other so they can disperse their cheers.

That’s when, according to Page Six, security had to be called to “get them to stay in their designated seats.”

“When we were loading in the rest of the audience, they wouldn’t stay in their seats and security had to assist so we could load in the rest of the audience,” a source said. “At that point, the people who didn’t want to sit together had already been divided and given seats on the other side of the audience.”

As the crowd continued to boo him, that’s when our girl Whoopi intervened.

“Whoopi took the mike and spoke directly to the audience, she told them ‘we can’t have you booing’, it messes us up and stops the flow,” another source said.

Eek! Just to remind you of what went down, here are some clips:

Not long after he appeared, Donald Jr. was quick to throw Joy Behar under the bus. Whatever happened to civility, y’all?

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