Christian Bale Is Done With Changing His Weight For Movie Roles

Christian Bale is one of the most devoted actors in Hollywood, and he’s shown that in many ways — but the most prominent one is how he’s lost and gained weight for roles.

His transformation as Dick Cheney in Vice had him gain a large amount of weight, only for him to lose it again (70 pounds in fact) to play his latest role, race car driver Ken Hill in Ford v Ferrari.

Back in 2000, he beefed his body up for American Psycho, and four years later he slimmed down to 120 pounds for The Machinist. Now that’s devotion!

But that’s all in the past now, according to the actor, who told CBS This Morning that he’s “done” with body transformations.

“I keep saying I’m done with it. I really think I’m done with it, yeah,” he said, adding that he gained weight to play Dick Cheney by mostly just eating “a lot of pies.”

“It was more fun gaining the weight than losing it,” he admitted.

Well, it’s been a fun ride while it lasted. Here are some of Christian’s most famous transformations:

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