‘Queer Eye’ Star Bobby Berk On Singing Karaoke With Harry Styles in Tokyo!

What happens in Tokyo stays in Tokyo! Well, sorta…

While filming Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!, Bobby Berk posted several videos of himself singing karaoke with Harry Styles and supermodel Kiko Mizuhara.

And now he’s opening up about what the F happened !

“I was hanging out at a mutual friend’s [house] with Kiko and somehow in the press, rumors had started that her and Harry were dating because they followed each other on social media even though they had never met,” he told People magazine. “So, he happened to be in Tokyo and he’s like, ‘Well hey, if everyone thinks we’re already friends, we might as well be.’”

“In walked Harry Styles and then we decided to go out and karaoke,” he continued. “I mean, karaoke with Harry Styles was pretty cool. He’s super, super sweet and so down to earth.”

How cool is this?!

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