Kanye West’s Baton Rouge Concert Is Being Compared to Fyre Festival

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

If you’re gonna get compared to the Fyre Festival, that’s saying something right?  

Kanye West has been doing serious promo for his new album, Jesus is King, and a small part of the journey has been special concerts and outdoor services across the U.S. and around the world. But his recent stint might been a slight hurdle. 

Last Friday, Kanye went to Baton Rouge to perform an outdoor service and things weren’t quite what fans expected. Some even started comparing it to Fyre Festival, the infamous music festival spearheaded by Billy McFarland that ended up being a total scam. 

Though admission to the concert was free, those who attended had the option of getting food before the performance. According to Us Weekly, organizers offered a $55 brunch. Folks who opted for the titled “Brunchella” experience were pissed at the quality and quantity of the food and asked for their money back. 

Attendees that were in the VIP section of the concert were equally disappointed to find that it was simply a hill with a “VIP” sign on it. Ouch!  

“Like they really had us hanging out on a hill away from the stage,” a VIP attendee wrote on Twitter. “Promised we’d be ushered in later, only to hit us with ‘nope’… They just need to process refunds quickly.”

Well… looking at how it all ended up, can you blame them for being upset? It truly is giving us Fyre Fest vibes. 

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