Tiffany Haddish Going Through a Haunted House Is The Best Thing EVER

If there’s one friend we want to go with us through a haunted house, it’s Tiffany Haddish.

Recently, the comedian made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s Halloween episode where she and Ellen’s producer, Andy Lassner, went to a haunted house in Universal Studios Hollywood.

“Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, that’s where we at, and I’m not feeling 100 percent,” she said to Andy, to which he replied, “She’s already jumpy, which isn’t helping me.”

“It’s not that I’m jumpy — I’m protecting myself!” she retorted.

One of the attractions was a maze inspired by Jordan Peele’s 2019 hit, Us.

“THAT’S A PERSON! THAT’S A PERSON!” she screamed. When a person jumped out, she added: “I TOLD YOUR MOTHERF—ING ASS, THAT WAS A PERSON!”

LOL! We’re totally dead. You have to watch the rest:

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